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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The horror novelette ebook, Road to Hell

As part of Read an E-Book Week, I’ll be featuring ebooks here on this blog. Three of them will be my own ebooks, but I’ll be sure to include a couple of others. The books featured here are only available as ebooks and not in print format as well. It’s my way of staying true to promoting actual ebooks during Read an E-Book Week!

The second ebook I’d like to promote for Read an E-Book Week is GMTA Publishing’s latest release, a horror novelette  titled The Undead Hunters: Road to Hell by Stephen C. Ormsby.

The Undead Hunters: Road to Hell
By Stephen C. Ormsby
Grimoire Press, an imprint of GMTA Publishing, 2013
Ebook, 29 ppg.
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Road to Hell is a graphic depiction of love, hatred and the power of the heart, as we join Conrad in the sixteen hundreds, and follow him on his journey of self-destruction.




Flames of fire flickered, licking at his clothes, setting them alight for a moment only to extinguish when the wind blew them out again. This sequence repeated itself for an indefinite period as he struggled to accept his fate. Railing against the binding chains, he thrashed and screamed until one of the crowd threw rotting food at him. They were here to watch the spectacle, but his vehemence angered them. The fire reached up to nibble at his clothes yet again, but once more the wind came through and dashed out the embers.

With the bottom of his robes cindered, the flames caught in one final defiant act against the wind. Conrad felt the heat and knew before long, the pain would commence. He was hot. Hotter than he had ever been but it would be nothing compared to roasting alive on this spit for the local populace to watch. They stared, daring him to deny his guilt one final time; their arms at the ready to pelt him with leftovers to earn their money from the venal officials.

He accepted his fate, staring at the swarm of angry faces and wouldn’t scream any longer. They did not deserve to hear it. The crowd watching or the people he murdered. Neither deserved his screams of torment. He would feel real pain; the pain that would cleanse him; that would sear the flesh from his bones. His soul would burn for eternity in the deepest pit of Hell for his crimes.

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