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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Happy Read an E-Book Week!

It's Read an E-Book Week! I am very excited about this week. It’s a great chance to download some free or deeply-discounted e-books, check out e-books I may not have otherwise known about and read the work of authors I would not have otherwise known about!

To learn more about Read an E-Book Week, go here.

To celebrate this special week, I will be reviewing e-books on my book review blog, Dawn Reviews Books. I have changed the policy on that blog to include all kinds of books, not just family-friendly or PG-only books, because I felt that limitation was putting a damper on being able to share about some good books I have read that are not otherwise family-friendly. The whole point of that blog is to share about some good books (and e-books), so I decided to open the reviews to include all kinds of books.

You can read the first e-book review here.

Aside from that, I’ll be posting excerpts, covers and synopses of e-books here on this blog. I have two e-books of my own published so far, both of them published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and more are scheduled for publication in the near future.

The next post for this blog is scheduled for tomorrow, where you’ll get to check out an excerpt from my horror poetry e-book, Songs of the Dead.

Happy e-book reading!

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