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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Forthcoming blog events

I am very excited to announce that there is going to be quite a bit of activity going on with this blog next month. March is always known to be a busy month, which makes the whole “March madness” label pretty darn accurate for me. There’s always something going on every March!

This year, that "something" will be blogging events. Yea!

One thing that will be taking place quite often next month are a series of guest posts from authors, both published by GMTA Publishing and their imprints as well as other authors who have been kind enough to feature me and my clients on their blogs. I will be returning the favor for them here, so watch for those posts!

And, actually, the first one is scheduled for February 27th, but there’s going to be quite a few other ones in March.

The other thing that will be happening on this blog next month is a series of posts for Read an E-Book Week, which will run from March 3-8th this year. I interviewed Rita Toews, co-founder of Read an E-Book Week, a while back on this blog, and you can read that interview here

The next thing taking place on this blog next month is something I am REALLY excited about! March is Youth Art Month, and I am privileged to be working for a publishing company that has published the work of some pretty talented young artists. GMTA Publishing’s young artists will be interviewed here on this blog in honor of Youth Art Month, so watch for those posts! The artists I will be interviewing are my daughter Jennifer Wilson; Rhianna Bullard, daughter of GMTA Publishing co-founder Kitty Bullard; Emily Vinson and Joely Casavant. We are all thrilled to be celebrating Youth Art Month with their work and I hope their interviews will inspire other young artists.

And, finally, GMTA Publishing will have some new releases next month, and you’ll be able to read all about it here on the blog!

March is definitely going to be a busy blogging month for me but I am excited about all of these things taking place. I hope you will join me in these events and perhaps leave a comment or check a book out. It will be your opportunity to meet new authors, read about new books, read excerpts of ebooks and learn about some talented young artists who are on their way to creating bigger and better things for their art!



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