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Friday, January 25, 2008

Typos and redundancies

I've been working on the edits for my essay collection. I'm pleased with the resuts, though the progress is slow. Maybe that's a good thing; it gives me more time to think on everything covered in the book and what other things I can write about.

There are two common writing mistakes that keep creeping into my edits, though: Typos and redundancies. I ALWAYS have problems with typos. I can read something again and again until my eyes bleed, and I will still miss a typo or two. It stinks! :( So of course I'll have to go back and fix them.

With redundancies, I've noticed that, lately, I'm more relentless in catching them. I don't ALWAYS catch them -- some of them slip right by -- but I try to catch them then make those changes, too.

As an example of a redundancy, here's an excerpt from one recently edited essay:

"The more I have used these methods to communicate with hearing parents, the more my confidence grows in even being able to communicate and network with them. However, what I truly believe contributes to this success in establishing good communication with them is their acceptance of my deafness."

I took out "in establishing good communication with them" because that's what the paragraph is ALREADY talking about (and what was covered in the previous sentence), so it doesn't need to be included here. (Hmm, on that note, maybe I should also omit "in even being able to communicate and network with them.")

I've also noticed unnecessary words -- such as "with" and "anyway" -- and passive voice, but the above two mistakes are the major ones I've been weeding out lately.

I only hope the typo problem isn't still there when I submit the manuscript to a publisher.

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