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Monday, October 22, 2007

Obsess much?

I have been a bad girl.

Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that: I have been a bad writer. Bad! Bad! Bad!

So what happened?

Simple: I spent the weekend IGNORING my "to do" list. Yup, I didn't send off my manuscript. I didn't write the essays I was SUPPOSED to write (just the one essay I wanted to write). I didn't work on manuscript edits or query an agent. (WHOA. Looking over that now, I'm actually not surprised I didn't do it. That's a bit much!)

But the reason why I didn't do those things is NOT because of laziness or lack of inspiration. Truth of the matter is, I needed a break. A BIG BREAK! I wanted to spend the weekend with my family, and not so much my writing. I've got SIX FREE HOURS to write Monday-Friday. (Well, 5 hours on Wednesdays.) So, while my daughter and husband were around ALL DAY on the weekends, I wanted to spend time with them. ALL of my time. (Well, except for that...15 minutes I spent writing my essay after we ate breakfast.)

See, they're not around that much during the week. Hubby works ALL DAY Monday-Friday. And Jen goes to school. When she gets home from school, that's when I get away from the computer and spend time with HER. But lately, I've snuck away from being with her, mumbling "Mommy needs to write something real quick" or "Mommy has a lot of work to do today."

At least, that's the way things are now. They'll change when my sister comes to stay with us for a few weeks AND when the baby is born. (I'm planning to cut down on my workload the first few months post-baby.) So when I DO have the time to be with them, I want to take that time and USE it!

Plus, I was getting a little worried. I was starting to...obsess over my writing. Seriously, I was just SOOOO caught up with it, juggling book projects and writing up my Shadowlands article. It scared me. The thing about me is that I tend to obsess over my work. I just lose myself in it. I mean, is it any wonder I once suffered a bout of malnourishment because I RARELY ate when working on a manuscript??

I need someone to catch me in this whirlwind of writing and pull me away from it all in the name of taking a break. Because I'm pretty much alone a lot during the day, except for when my daughter is home, and I don't have that kind of arrangement. So I think the rule of just STOPPING when daughter is home is something I REALLY need to stick to from now on.

Besides, SOMEBODY has got to feed the dog every once in a while....



  • At 8:49 AM , Blogger Jana B said...

    That sounds like a good plan... setting boundaries for yourself so that you don't loose yourself in your work.

    I'm sure your dog will appreciate it too lol


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