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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These are the (last) days

My daughter starts school next week. I'm both anxious and nervous about it. When she was in preschool, I'd often feel my heart ache the moment I had to leave her there for 8 whole hours or have a hard time dealing with her NOT being there for so long. It may have been only 2 days a week, but it was hard. Now she'll be gone FIVE DAYS A WEEK!! ACK! At the same time, though, I'm happy she's going to school. And happy about having extra time to get some SERIOUS writing work done! (This includes trips to the library or bookstore to do research.)

That last part right there has been playing a big part in my writing life this week.

For this week's writing "to do" list, I put 2 tasks for each day: One easy task and one hard task. The hard task is something that would take me HOURS to get done, each day.

Thing of it is, though, I've been putting off the hard task and doing the easy ones. I wondered over why I was doing this for a while until it finally hit me: This IS my daughter's final week of summer vacation. I want to spend AS MUCH time with her that I can!

Of course, we have fun activities planned. Having a picnic, going to the beach, playing baseball. But I'd rather spend time with her whenever I can grab it instead of using that "free" time to do computer stuff.

Lately, though, it seems she wants to spend MORE time playing with her
friends than with her mom! Sigh. I'm getting old. It won't be long before she won't need Mommy all the time anymore...

Today is one such day. I had some plans for things we could do but, instead, she's spending most of the day with her friend. Well, that's all right. No problemo. We can always do that stuff tomorrow. I guess it isn't so bad she's trying to grab some time to spend with friends; after all, it's not like they'll be able to head off to the movies, out for ice cream or to the pool very often after school starts. (Except for on the weekends!) I should be grateful; it gives me a break and time to write.

Instead, I'm writing bits and pieces here and there, staying as close to her as I can as one day passes then the next, and postponing the heavy work for when she's either asleep or after she starts school.

At least there aren't any deadlines that will suffer because of this.



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