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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Isn't writing passion enough?

It never fails that I have to deal with occasional snobbery from other people just because I don’t make millions of dollars as a writer, I'm not famous or because none of my books have been published by a major publisher. (Not YET, anyway! Someday I’ll get there.) But today I was surprised that I was actually passed over by someone who I have known for years, consider to be my friend and who I thought accepted me even though I’m not famous, am not on TV and am not in the media spotlight. (I don’t want ANY of that, anyway!)

Well, I guess I was wrong.

I found out that this friend and fellow writer probably thinks less of me because she did not include me in her book about deaf people pursuing their passions. I am deaf. I am pursuing my passion: Writing! So why did she not include me? I have to admit I was a little hurt she did not include me. This was only a reminder of SO MANY people I have had to deal with declining to be included in one of my books because it’s not being published by a Big Name publisher or because I am, in their eyes, a NOBODY. So many times people respond to my email requests with “You’re not important enough” or “You’re not famous enough.” Or “Go away, you crazy stalker! Get a life!”

And all I see is their saying, “You’re not important.”

Now, I am trying really hard not to consider this in understanding why my friend did not include me in her book. I mean, she has some big-name people in there. Why not me?

Or is it because writing is not considered to be a “passion”? Is it not enough that I am doing what I love to do?

I love being a writer, and I enjoy being a writer even though I am not making a living as a writer. You know what? That’s okay with me! Some people can make a living as a writer; more power to them! I am just not one of them. And I am totally FINE with that. I love to write and I will STILL write even if I end up starving someday. Because writing is my passion. It is what I love to do. I will never stop writing. That stuff is pretty hard to turn off! I will continue to write despite what others think and despite whether or not I make a name for myself doing it. I will always write, because writing is my passion, even if it may not be seen as a passion in the eyes of other people.



  • At 9:26 PM , Blogger Millie said...

    Wow! I find that surprising and insulting that they would forget to include you. Whether you're famous or not, you're still a "writer", you're still an "author". Some people gain media from it, most people DON'T. LOL! So whatevs. You know and many others know what you're passionate about; writing. Keep doin what you're doin'! Cause your good at it, and it makes you happy!

  • At 9:45 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thanks, Millie. :) It just bothered me because I have known her for a long time and I consider her my friend, and I don't know why she did not think of me when she was working on this book. The whole thing made me question if she saw what I do as a "passion" or not. She nominated me for an award when I was writing for SIGNews but they passed over me for a nomination and I have to wonder if it's because I was only a journalist at that time. No matter how people feel about being a writer, I will continue to write. I will continue to do my own thing. I do not do things to get attention or to impress anyone; I do them because I WANT to do them. Whether or not these things bring in a ton of money or media attention is not an issue for me. It's my life, my journey. And I'll continue to do the things I am passionate about. :)


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