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Friday, January 17, 2014

Prioritizing the book work

Earlier this week, I was startled to realize just how much work I have on my plate this year. I’ve got A LOT going on with the books and will definitely be “book busy” all year long. But this week, as I have been working on the books, I realized that I need to make some books a priority while others will have to be worked on whenever the time arises.

Some of the books I’m working on need to be finished by certain deadlines, so I really need to make those books come first. The three poetry books I’m currently writing as well as the novel I’m revising will all have to wait for whenever I can get to them. The ones with deadlines are the ones I need to finish ASAP!

The haunted cities book is one such book. I am planning to submit it by the end of the month – but work on that subject won’t stop there! I have gone back to the idea of turning this one into a series. In fact, I want to try to include a city in all 50 states! I can’t do that with just one book, so there will be a second and maybe even a third haunted cities book. What I can’t get into the first one will go into the second one, and so on.

Another important book to finish is the spinoff book I’m writing for 365 Tips for Writers. My publisher has not officially given the green light to submit it, but she is interested in it, so that’s all I need to get this project wrapped up and finalized.

And speaking of books tied to another book, I’m also working on the second volume for BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL: How We Survive as Writing Parents. I was thrilled to find all the notes and interviews I thought I lost, and since this year marks the 10th year since Volume One came out, I think it’s a good time for Volume Two! So I’m working on that one, as well.

I am also working on the health book. This is one of the books I hope to finish and send off this year. I hope I can get it done and submitted by the end of the year.

But right now, I’m working on wrapping up the other books I have mentioned above. After they are done, and I hope that’ll be by the summer, then I can get back to work on the poetry books, health book and novel revisions. I hope this process will ensure I get the important books done in a timely manner.



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