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Friday, December 27, 2013

Some things just won't get done – and that's OK

Earlier this month, I made a list of ongoing projects I wanted to finish before the new year. It was a list of 10 things. Looking over that list, I doubted I’d be able to do them all before January 1st, but I had to try! That’s the kinda person I am: I have to try instead of just giving up because it looks too hard or it’s too much for one person or some such. I was willing to TRY to do those 10 things.

But as the month progressed, I realized that it was not enough to TRY to do some things, because some things were just out of my control. Some of those things require two people, and while I’m more than willing to give my all to get them done, I understand the same cannot be said, or expected of, the other person involved.

For instance, one of those things is to finish a manuscript I have been working on. I finished it for the second time, realized it was not ready, then went back to work on it. I can’t finish it until I get information from someone, and that someone told me he’s not available until after the new year. So, that means it will remain unfinished when the new year arrives.

Some things are just out of my control! I can’t force people to DO things or take time away from their families. That’s not right. So, they won’t get done, and I accept that.

That leaves 3 items on my list that I CAN control. Three things I CAN get done on my end: Finish reading and review a fellow author’s book, finish editing a manuscript and finish researching a WIP. I CAN do those things and I’ll be focusing on those instead. (I did do two other things on the list: I finished writing a first draft of a new novel and I got the monthly newsletter out.)

There are quite a few other things going on I am trying to take care of before the new year arrives – like decluttering the house and getting rooms organized – but I’ll also be working on these last three things. The others will have to wait. At least I did everything I could for them on my end.

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