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Thursday, February 08, 2007

A few things (maybe)

Today I revisited fellow writer, April Aragam's, blog. I started reading old posts and clicking links. Reading some more. One link for The Writers' Ezine caught my eye. I wasn't sure if I knew of this Ezine or not. But, sure enough, when the link opened, I remembered visiting this site before. And thinking of submitting to them.

How come I NEVER did that?? *slaps forehead and groans*

So, yeah, I have something in mind to send to them. An article rejected by Writer's Digest! I'll send it on -- SOON!

Then I started reading other blogs. Before you know it, I couldn't stop clicking and clicking on links to blogs, reading each one. That stuff is addictive! And dangerous to word freaks such as myself. But I finally told myself "that's enough!" and pulled away from them.

Besides, I had an article open in another program to finish writing. This particular article is one I got the idea for this very morning, so of course I started writing it up.

Then I got stuck. Gah!

I sat there thinking, clicking on other things to do while I thought, and rereading what I had so far with hopes that I could get UNstuck!

This is JUST the first draft, I kept telling myself. It doesn't HAVE to be perfect.

But some part of me was too stubborn to listen to that. It HAD to be "just right" and in the exact condition it should be for when I submit it to...wherever I submit it to!

Admittedly, this was early in the morning, but I'd already had 2 cups of coffee, so I felt my brain had a sufficient caffeine dose to help me come up with three more things to include in this article!

The article ends with a list of things. I'm not getting into the details here, but the article is written for writers. And because we writers often write at the computer, I had an idea for something else to add to that list: "If all else fails, bang your head against the keyboard!"

OK That one is a joke. Haha. :)

In other writing news, I am having a hard time reaching someone I wrote an article about for SIGNews. He is not responding from his personal Email address and his work Email is over quota.

And this particular person is a police officer.

Yikes. I hope he's okay. Seriously. Yikes! I REALLY hope I hear from him soon. I'm debating whether or not I should call his work to see if I can get in touch with him by phone. I just need to ask him if it's OK for me to give SIGNews his address so they can send him the issue my story about him is in.

I worry because I once knew a police officer who was seriously injured while on duty. He did not survive. His death saddened me and I have heard so many stories of how police officers quit the job for the sake of their families (my father-in-law, for one) and of how they have something really bad happen to them while on the job.

But, of course, I worry by nature. I am a HUGE worrier! He's probably just busy with work. He IS a cop! I'm sure he's fine and I will hear from him eventually.

Now to get back to that article....


  • At 10:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Dawn, its me Jane, just stopped by to say hi. I havent read your blog here yet, but I will later when I have some time!!

  • At 10:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, Dawn. :) I totally agree, when you start following links to other blogs and links from there, hours can pass and you barely realize! lol
    Good luck submitting to the writer's ezine.


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