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Saturday, November 11, 2006

That was the name of an ALBUM, not a band!

Once you get into that zone with writing your story, everything else sort of fades away, doesn't it? All your cares disappear. All the responsibilities come second. All the worries are gone.

Well. Sort of, with that last part.

I am TRYING to stay focused on just WRITING my story. Really, I am. But as I write it, I can already hear readers complaing. "Doesn't your character drink anything else BESIDES ginger ale?" "Why in the world won't your character ever wear jeans?" And even "I could NEVER "zip" through a phone book to find an old college sweetheart; what makes you think I'll believe your character can?"

Oh, and here's another one. One character, a male, lives in a studio apartment and SORT OF looks like someone I used to know. Who lived in a studio apartment. I could just see him now after reading the introductory scene with this character: "This is ME, isn't it?"

I know, it's too early to start worrying about stuff like that. I just need to WRITE THE STORY. Not freak out over it while I am TRYING to write it. *sigh* But, I still get those nagging feelings.

I just have to keep telling myself this is JUST the first draft. I can go back and make changes later.

So, anyway. I had thought there wasn't going to be too much research involved with this book. But since fashion is BIG with this story, I'm constantly visiting Web sites, studying newspaper advertisements and paging through magazines to find the hottest in fashion for my fashion-minded characters to wear. I am also hunting down popular and up-and-coming bands and musicians because some chapters list a song my character is listening to (these are the blog parts) and...well, I'm not really clued in on the music scene. I was actually trying to hunt down Web sites to get info on what bands and musicians are REALLY popular right now. I couldn't really FIND one, though. I KNOW. I live next door to a band. LOL I'll be including them, once I can get over there and ask them for some song titles. And, yeah, I have a MySpace, which I have been using (on one hand) to study up on bands and musicians out there and learn EVERYTHING I can about them. That is a resource, too. I could NOT get the billboard.com site to work for me today. Ugh. And I put out a bulletin on MySpace for some band and musician suggestions, but no response on that yet.

Sooo, I was chatting with someone online today, and I asked HIM for some suggestions. He fired off a bunch of bands and singers EVERYBODY is listening to. Enough for me to cover most of my planned chapters, at least. (Thanks, Angel!!) So, that worked out pretty well, too. At one point, I asked him about one...."band" I think it was. I THOUGHT it was a band, but I looked it up on IMDB.com and saw it was actually a soundtrack album. He had a good laugh over that misunderstanding. Oops.

I am getting a ride to the store tomorrow so I'll be sure to hit the music section and check out a bunch of CDs so I can get some more song titles to include.


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