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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The pretty pink version of hell

Short blog because I'm tired, restless, cold, hungry and frustrated -- all wrapped into one.

I worked on the novel revisions today. I am happy to note that I'm figuring out one way after another how to meet the editor's revision requests. All but one remains for me to tackle. I don't know HOW in the world I'm going to arrange a "turning point" for my protagonist. What, do I have her wake up one morning and go, "Wow. I've gotten too involved with some psycho"?? Yeesh. I dunno how to do THAT one. It remains a mystery.

Did some more researching for my NaNoWriMo book. I am STILL not happy about doing a chick lit book. It's not exactly my genre. I prefer books that drive my characters over the edge. Books that are about REAL people with REAL problems. Stories that have meaning. Purpose.

Wow, just call me the idealist.

Anyway. Read a crapload of articles on the Internet today. Came across this one and thought it worthy of mentioning here:


Wow. That writer is really spot on with this genre. No, I'm not bashing chick lit. And, no, I'm NOT against women writers. AT ALL.

But I agree with the whole claim that these books really dumb down readers. For this reason alone, I dread writing my NaNoWriMo book. But, write it I must, as my muse has already gleefully put together one chapter after another for me to start writing down as of tomorrow morning. My character's nonstop narration inside of my head has me fighting every inch of myself to start typing away.

It would seem I am writing too many books. Maybe this one will just be a "break" from all of that workload. At least I won't need to spend as many hours doing research for this one. If chick lit books are as mind-numbing as the critics purport, writing this novel should be a breeze. (And I know one day I shall look back upon that last sentence and scowl with regret.)


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