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Sunday, November 12, 2006


In my NaNoWriMo story, "SOS" means something different to my character and her close friends.

Today, I had my own episode of "SOS" -- the traditional kind.

I have a black tie event coming up in my story. I have NEVER attended such an event in my life. And...I'm not as fashionably conscious as my character is.

To sum up, I had to find some tuxes and NICE men's suits to include in the story. I also had to figure out just HOW I was going to describe them so that my readers can get a good idea of the EXACT kinds of suits my characters were wearing. (My ex said I should just write "black tux" or "black suit" and be done with it. According to him, if people have seen ONE suit, they have seen them all. But since I'm writing a fictional story and I want my readers to have a better idea of what the suits looked like aside from their color, I knew I couldn't do that. Besides, my character has a sharp eye with ALL styles of clothing, so she would actually have more to say about a guy's suit than that.)

My sister's partner, Allison, came to my rescue on the first part. We chatted online today and she sent me a bunch of pictures of formal wear for both men and women. I liked one suit she sent (and, actually, the guy wearing it was pretty hot, too -- haha) and I also picked out a dress for my character to wear. I had also visited sites and came across another suit that I KNEW my character would plead with her date to wear to the event: http://www.germes-online.com/catalog/69/225/page2/101463/tuxedo_dinner_suit_formal_wear.html

So, THAT problem got solved. Yay! Now for the second one. I....don't know that much about men's suits. What the pieces of the suit are called. And...reading certain descriptions just got me all the more confused.

I asked two other men I normally chat with for input on that, but neither of them were able to help me out.


So, I did what any good writer should do: I paid a visit to the Absolute Write Water Cooler and posted a thread about it in the Writing Novels forum.

And, ahh, somebody posted a link to a Wikipedia page and it pretty much covers the names of the suit pieces on there.

Here's the link to my post: http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46285

Oh, and Allison also gave me more popular band names to include in my story. And, after hearing bits and pieces of what the story is about, she came up with a GREAT idea! Something that just MAY build up some buzz for this book.

More on that later. ;)


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