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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thanks for sharing. Really.

I know I don’t really say it often enough, but thank you to all of my friends, family and acquaintances for sharing about my books, even the new books. Really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to me when you take the time out of your busy lives to tell someone in person or on Twitter or Facebook about one of my books. That just really means a lot.

And I’m sorry if I don’t thank you soon enough. I DO intend to thank people and I DO believe it is only good manners to say “thank you” for such a kind gesture. If I don’t thank you quickly enough or in a reasonable amount of time, then please know that this does not mean I never will. Please know it does not mean that I don’t appreciate what you have done for me. I do. Really.

Life is just so insanely busy for me these days. I keep promising myself things will slow down after I turn 40 or after the kids get out of school for summer vacation, but we’ll have to wait and see if that does indeed happen. I know life is crazy-busy right now, but that doesn’t mean reaching out to people is any less important to me now than it was before. I DO try to find the time to connect with people, and if someone has done something for me, like share about one of my books, then I DO try to squeeze in a moment to thank that person.

On the other hand, I do have my own personal rules, and these may affect how soon I can thank people for sharing...

I only do the social media thing once a day. My free time is valuable to me and I need to make sure I put it to good use since it happens so rarely. If I’ve already done Facebook and Twitter for the day, I’ll do something else -- UNLESS I have something to share. Quickly.

There is only ONE PC in this house and I prefer to do some things, like Facebook, on the PC instead of on my phone. On my phone, everything is so tiny. And when I try to type, there are typos like crazy. So I usually relegate social media stuff to when I’m on the PC. And I share the PC with 3 other people in this house.

My evening time is sacred to me, because I spend it with my children. Likewise, my mornings during the weekdays are focused on getting the kids ready and off to school (and they both start school at different times) so I usually don’t start doing everything else on the computer until almost noon. If I have free time during the mornings, I scan newspaper headlines for stuff to read later, check financial stuff just to make sure everything is A-OK, and get today’s mail ready to go so I can take it with me out the door. But for evenings, I am offline until the kids are asleep. My time with the kids is very important and I want them to know I am 100% there for them when they fall asleep at night.

Sometimes I save emails for special events or occasions until that time actually arrives. I am juggling so many things right now that this is the only way I can keep my sanity and not forget anything. So if you are part of one of my WIPs or a guest for my blog, know that I WILL get back to you.

I have two part-time jobs. This author thing is one of them. And during those times, I’m focused on the job at hand. Not answering emails or social media. When the kids are in school is the ONLY time I have to work on my books, and with the youngest in school for only 2 or 3 hours at a time, well, that’s time I want to GRAB for the book work!

And then sometimes, I need to think about things! I need to think about what to say, what options to choose and what I should add about something or another. This usually does not take me very long, but if you don’t hear from me within the day, this could be why.

Nevertheless, I am definitely very, VERY grateful to everyone who takes the time to share about my books. You guys are awesome and I really, really appreciate it! If I miss your post, my apologies. I am still grateful to you all the same. Thank you so very much.



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