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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book feature for National Poetry Month: Love is Like a Rainbow

It’s National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate this month than by reading some poetry?

To honor this occasion, I’d like to share some information about one of my poetry books, Love is Like a Rainbow: Poems of Love and Devotion. This is my love poems book. It is the very first book I had accepted by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. When I was having a hard time finding a publisher for my poetry book, I started to seriously consider self-publishing it. I was talking with a friend who is a self-published author about how to get in on that, and she said to me something along the lines of, "You know, you should check out this new publishing company called Gypsy Shadow Publishing." I contacted GSP, they loved the book and offered a contract. (Thank you, Denise and Charlotte!) I have been a happy GSP author ever since. (Unfortunately, GSP stopped accepting poetry manuscripts and now I AM going to be self-publishing my poetry books!)

Love is Like a Rainbow is a collection of love poems meant to be shared between two people -- not just a man and woman. The poems talk about love, marriage, love that lasts through the years, still loving someone who has passed on and loving someone who is far away. I tried to capture the many faces of love in this book and kept them all gender-neutral for the poems read by either a male or female to his or her beloved.

Here is a sample poem from this book:

Forever and Always

Nothing will ever change
The love I feel for you.
It's there in everything I say,
Everything I do.

You and me together,
What more could make things right?
You make the whole wide world worth fighting for.
You are always in my sight.

You know I give my heart to you
For the rest of all my days.
My love for you is strong enough
To last forever and always.

Nothing anyone will say
Can take away this love I feel.
When you stand right next to me,
It makes everything so real.

I could never let you go.
I could never say goodbye.
I love you with everything I am,
Even more as each day goes by.

You know I give my heart to you
For the rest of all my days.
My love for you is strong enough
To last forever and always.

The blurb:

     Love is...
...a reminder there is still hope in this world.
...a gentle whisper to guide you and give you strength in hard times.
...a neverending bond that transcends death.
...a promise of forever when two people become one.
...a brand new day after life's most turbulent storm.
Love, romance and eternal devotion come to life and restrengthen a bond through the power of verse. With words written from the heart and speaking to the soul, Love is Like a Rainbow contains love poems to remind readers to "  let love come in."

Buy link

Happy poetry reading!

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  • At 5:10 PM , Blogger Sheila Deeth said...

    Lovely. I ended up self-publishing my first poetry book, but that was before I met Gypsy Shadow and joined the family.

  • At 11:14 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thank you for commenting, Sheila. That's so cool you wrote a poetry book! I will have to check it out. GSP is awesome! And I am so glad they are keeping my poetry books on the market even though they are not publishing poetry anymore. It is very good of them to do that.


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