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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new baby

What is it with me and giving birth to children at night?

Seriously, what's up with that??

My two actual physical children were both born at night -- after 8 p.m. for them both, actually.

And now, this evening, at 10:47 p.m., I've officially delivered a metaphorical child.

I sent my book off to the publisher. Hooray!

Yes, this is the SAME BOOK I have been working on for about a year. That "RGT book" I've blogged about. And this is why a lot of people have not been hearing from me so often lately. Heh.

My newest ghost book was FINALLY finished just recently. And, today, I finally revised the Introduction for this book to my satisfaction. (Thanks for the feedback on it, Millie!) It took FOREVER to get it formatted. Took me two days to edit it. That includes double-checking things, verifying Web site URL's, fact-checking and going over my notes to see if I missed anything (which I did). I was disgruntled to discover that book titles were not correct, confounded by little typos I'd overlooked in my previous edits (there was much forehead-slapping and mutterings of, 'How on earth did I miss THAT??") and gnashing of teeth as I constantly, CONSTANTLY had to get up to tend to the baby. It's not that I didn't WANT to tend to my real human baby. It's just that I had to get away from the book SO! MUCH!

It was hard, very hard, to perform the final work on the book, because I didn't have anybody else to watch the baby (the only time hubby helped was when I had to interview someone for an hour for this book -- and I AM grateful for that!). I also had hubby complaining about the lack of housework and cooking I was doing on one side, and my older child complaining about not having access to our ONE computer on the other side. No matter how many times I stressed to them "this is only temporary" and "I have a deadline," they still showed little support for this project.

Which was depressing, actually. At one point, I almost broke down and cried because it seemed like my own family wasn't supporting something I so strongly believed in and WANTED to do.

My blog series for breast cancer awareness suffered, too. So far, I've missed out on two blog posts. But I'll keep up with it where I can!

My SIGNews assignment was forgotten about. Eep! And so were my tasks of printing out articles to submit. Ugh! (Next time, I think I should hire an assistant. LOL)

But something else almost made me cry, too....

There is a story in this book about a very young little girl ghost who died tragically. She was never crossed over and she is very sad. A psychic who communicated with her asked her if there was something she wanted to say to him and she said, "I want my Daddy."

That just about broke my heart. I was so sad to read this and had tears in my eyes long after I stopped reading it. I really hope someone does help that little girl to cross over someday.

And speaking of those stories....I have a couple where some ghosts ARE crossed over. These stories are so uplifting!! The things that were shared about these experiences just really moved me and I'm glad that they are in this book, so that people can see that a ghost hunter does not JUST go out to prove there is a haunting then pack up and leave. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of groups who actually DO help spirits cross over. Yay for them!!

Some of the stories and pictures really gave me goosebumps, too. I was stunned at the photographic evidence captured. Some of the ghost voices recorded on EVP's gave me the chills, too!

But, there were also struggles. Not just when my computer decided to start acting wonky or the whole process of finding groups for the cities I'm including. (In all, 17 cities were stripped down to 9. Sigh!) But I really had a hard time with the title. See, "RGT" stood for "Real Ghost Towns." Not a very catchy title. I racked my brain for something better. I asked fellow writers and siblings for advice. I put out a call for suggestions in my newsletter. Finally, I talked it over with my publisher. She suggested a title that I just love: Spook City!

Additionally, I was thrilled at the opportunity to explore the history of certain places included. I am a big history buff so it was a pleasant opportunity to be able to partake in historical research.

Finally, I am so intensely grateful to ALL of the people who took the time for this book. These people will always have a special place in my heart. They were very kind, very helpful, and VERY prompt! This was a nice change given that so many of my emails sent to so many groups went unanswered. So I am VERY grateful to all the people who took the time to help me make this book possible.

I know we still have a long road ahead. Probably more editing, proofing, typesetting, soliciting reviews, etc. But now we have a new book born into the world. The gestational period is over and now we must nurture its growth before sending it out into the world.

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  • At 11:24 AM , Blogger Lillie Ammann said...

    Congratulations, Dawn! It's too bad your family doesn't give you more support but commendable that you accomplished this in spite of the challenges you faced.

    Lillie Ammann
    A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye

  • At 12:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Glad your delivery went well, ha ha

  • At 6:53 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Nancy: Thank you. That's funny! :)

    Lillie: Thank you. Believe me, it's hard. I hope one day they will see how much I could really use their support. But, for now, at least I have good friends who offer that support. And some siblings, too. For this, I am grateful.

  • At 8:00 AM , Blogger LK Hunsaker said...

    Congrats on this major step and best wishes for its success!!

  • At 10:40 PM , Anonymous Millie said...

    Aww I want to hear the NEW intro now! lol! I am sorry they weren't so supportive. I mean, Jen doesn't know any better, but Jason should. You guys need another computer!! lol I am so envious of all the stories you got and info. I love hearing about that stuff. Your book will be very successful. I think it is ironic how your kids are born at night.

  • At 7:05 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Loraine: Thank you. :) Since I have time before the book is published, I'm going rto work on building up demand for it and promote this kinda thing.

    Millie: I think so, too. I even have a short story called "The Night Children" but it's not based on them because the night children in this story are zombies. LOL Yes, he SHOULD have known better. I'm so sick of dealing with his impatience and attitude about my writing aspirations. If only he would be more supportive. I guess he WOULD be only if there was money up-front. Sheesh! He thinks no one will buy my books. It doesn't help that no one has with the other books. Anyway, of course I forgive Jen. She's young and she doesn't understand. Yes, we DO need another computer! LOL AAAAHHH! First chance I get, I'm going to buy a laptop! Anyway, I will send you the revised Intro. And this kinda thing is sooo fun to do. Especially during the Halloween season. These stories are so cool and I can't wait for everybody to get the chance to read them!


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