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Monday, March 02, 2009

Sometimes, the work will find me

So this morning, I got to work with the writing, raring to get all caught up on a couple of articles I have left to write from the 5 I have had overdue. For 2 weeks, I've had trouble getting those 5 articles written, because life was just so CRAZY! But I really hunkered down after everything reached some sense of normalcy, trying to get all caught up.

Last week, I only managed to write one. Over the weekend, I got two more done, but one of them isn't so great and needs tweaking.

So today, I was planning to work on that.

Except, something else came up. Something that has to do with one of the book projects I have going on. And it ended up taking up the better part of my day, too.

I'm not complaining, though. I'm happy that this project is moving along. (And doing a happy dance that I FINALLY found an interviewee I've been searching for. Yay!) But I really had to wonder how just this one thing changed ALL of my writing plans for today. It's like I'll think "I'm gonna work on the articles today!" and....life will just have other plans. It's like, "Uh, no. Actually, you're going to get some work done on THIS book today."

It kind of feels like my whole writing schedule is being monitored, or something. Completely rearranged or something. I know that things happen for a reason (even when we can't figure out why!) but it's still weird how this will happen.

It also reminds me of that whole "ask and ye shall receive" thing, too. Like in the past, I wanted to be a book reviewer. That only happened after an author I know asked me to write up a review of her book, and the editor I submitted my review to wanted me to join her team of reviewers. (I'm still sad that ended. *cries* I miss reviewing books.)

And I have been trying to find this very kind of interviewee for this book. Seriously, I've been kinda frustrated I didn't have ANYONE to interview or include quotes from for this chapter. So I guess you could say I sorta "asked" for this and, here we are. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Still kinda funny how it factors into changing my plans, though. But I guess you can never really plan anything!

And on that note: Sometimes, a project will fall right into my lap. I'll take on writing projects of things I never thought I'd write or don't even have credentials for, only because someone approached me with it and I felt I could do it or I fell in love with what the project involves, what it's about or how I've wanted to do this very thing but never got my foot in the door with it. (A few projects come to mind.) I embrace these new adventures, these new challenges. It's interesting how that will factor into reshaping my whole writing agenda itself, too.

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  • At 11:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are going to be very very rich Dawn, because you work like a writing MACHINE. I can never write that much! Girl I will be lucky if I get a couple of books published before I die, but I will be happy to have known a writer like you!

  • At 3:52 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thanks, Nancy. :) You are an AWESOME friend!


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