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Friday, February 27, 2009

25 minutes

On the weekdays, I have a schedule: Get up at 5 (or 5ish, depending on what thoughts I have running through my head upon awakening), let the dogs out, start the coffee, pray, check email and do other miscellaneous stuff on the computer while enjoying my morning cup of java. Part of that miscellaneous stuff I was doing this morning included brainstorming over and writing up an article for Shadowlands.

This was Deadline Week. And I've been spending ALL week trying to figure out what the heck to write about for Shadowlands this time 'round. You would think that after a few years, the old idea well might've run dry by now. But, nope! Seems like there's ALWAYS something to write about as far as ghosts and hauntings are concerned.

But when I come up with an idea for Shadowlands, I have to do a little extra mental work first. I look up articles on the site to see if the topic is already on there. Then, if not, I try to recall if I've seen this kind of article in past issues of the newsletter. (I am NOT like some editors I know who have a mental inventory of every single article published, but I do try to recall some articles in their newsletters which I have read.) If I get it wrong and they HAVE done this topic, I trust will be notified by Dave Juliano. Still, doesn't hurt to try to think about it first! (I have not been with Shadowlands from the very beginning and I know of other writers who've been writing for them longer than I have!)

As I brainstormed for an article to write, I tried to think of what's been going on with my research of the paranormal this month. What news have I come across? What movies have I seen which sparked an idea? What Web sites have I visited? Hmmm.

Then I thought, wait a minute. Web sites. That's it! I can write about Web sites!

Hm, should I do a "top 5" list? Nah. Notables? Nope.

Then I recalled certain problems I have been having with paranormal-themed sites lately. Sites which, let's see, have TONS of graphics on them, confusing me as I wade through the pages trying to find stuff. Or which have NO contact info on them (like an email address). Sites with dead links. Sites that scream "amateur!" And, of course, you gotta love the sites which, on one hand, try to show the paranormalist in a serious light but, on the other hand, have pictures and negative references to girls with...large cleavage.

So, I could write about the low-down on creating your own paranormal-themed site, and some tips on what to include, as well as what NOT to include. I don't have my own paranormal-themed site, but after all the stuff I saw and went through with other sites, I thought I might "file a complaint" via a helpful, educational article.

Thing of it was, by this time, I had to REALLY get the ball rolling. I had 25 minutes to write the first draft before it was time for a shower. (If I don't shower EARLY in the morning before the baby wakes up, I won't have another window of time until noon!) Hm, 25 minutes to write the first draft of an article?

I'll give it a shot!

But I didn't get it done in time. In fact, it took me 50 minutes to write that first draft! At nearly 1400 words. (After I finished editing it later on, it was a little over 1400 words.)

Because of this, I had to change my schedule. Instead of getting my daughter up for school 30 minutes earlier, I'd have to wake her up at the usual time.

With this change, I had 25 minutes to take my shower. Just 25 minutes, again!

At least THAT was a time limit I was able to meet -- even at under 20 minutes.

Hey, at least I got my article done!

I'll wash my hair later....



  • At 12:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ha ha on the large cleavage girls!

    Glad you got your writing done. For future reference I would like to know more about orbs that show up in pictures. Are they really ghosts or just dust or fog or moisture of some kind? I never know, but my sisters son always has these big orbs floating around him in pictures. I had one in a picture once and I sent it in to a group I belonged to online and a lady there said yes it was a ghost. Then she said that she could see a cat in the picture. But there was no cat so I told her, no there is no cat in my picture. She said, yes there is, its a siamese right, you have had a siamese cat?
    I said, No, I havent ever had a siamese cat, but even if I had, there is NO CAT IN THIS PICTURE, its a picture of me and that orb is in the background.
    Then she told me the orb was a ghost CAT. That the ghost cat was siamese! So that information bugged me for days, so I asked my neighbor if the people who lived here before me had lost a cat while they lived here and she said, YES, IT WAS A SIAMESE CAT!
    So, after this I have always wondered about orbs and I wish I could actually see the siamese cat but all I see is a floating dot thing! LOL

  • At 7:28 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Oh my gosh! Nancy that is so creepy! It gives me goosebumps!

    Yeah, I know. I saw that on there and thought, 'What the heck! That doesn't belong on there.'

    Then I thought, 'GRR! I am so not interviewing him.' LOL


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