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Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank God it's...Monday?

Yesterday, I read in the newspaper that people in the workplace are more productive on Tuesdays than they are on Fridays. At first, I thought that made sense. Monday is a hard day to handle and Tuesday is a "second chance" to get caught up on ALL the things we couldn't get done on Monday. Then I thought, maybe it's because people just aren't very productive at work on Mondays because they're still trying to get out of the "weekend funk."

Not me. I LOVE Mondays. Fridays are the days that irk me, because there is JUST SO MUCH to do and it's like there's not enough time to get it ALL done before the day is out. Of course, I DO love Fridays for being the last day of my workweek, but it's Mondays that I look forward to. And, in fact, that I plan for.

See, over the weekend, I DO relax. But mostly on Saturdays. (Which is why you're likely to find me still in my jammies at noon and barefoot in the kitchen on a Saturday.) On Sunday, I prepare for another workweek, deciding just WHAT projects I will tackle and what kind of things I'll do. I'll plan it all out (though this time around, not saying "I'll do this on Monday and this on Tuesday, etc." because some tasks take longer than one day to complete) then, when Monday morning arrives, I get up and get to work.

Maybe I get excited about ANOTHER workweek upon me because I love what I do. I love writing and the work that comes with it. I love talking to new people, learning new things, challenging myself to manage my time better and, most important of all, I LOVE that satisfaction in getting something DONE.

Take today, for example. I queried agents, worked on the new book and tinkered with the Web site I'm building. If I find the time later tonight, I'm hoping I'll be able to fix up the interview I'm sending off to an E-mag but, if not, I'll tackle that tomorrow (in addition to a few other ongoing tasks). And that may not seem like a whole heck of a lot of work done, but given what I currently have on my plate and what time I have to do everything, it's enough for a day's work. I'm still satisfied with what I DID get done. And I totally understand how not everything can get done in one day.

Because, you see, there's always Tuesday to get caught up.



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