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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think I'm close

I think I'm starting to figure out how to write my next writing book. One thing that kept bugging me is that I am not as "established" as other authors of writing books, so how could I confidently say the things that I say without that to back me up? So instead of using the interviews I'm doing for this book to support what "I" have to say, I will use them as a means of sharing what PROFESSIONALS have to say. Sort of like, "OK, I talked to a lot of people in the industry about this particular topic and here is the summary of what they had to say."

I know I have to be careful that I don't have stuff in there conflicting something already said. But I think if I narrow their input down and organize each chapter properly, it could work in a way that won't lose readers.

Also, to avoid repetition, I can just break off everything to where an interviewee has their own section to discuss that topic.

Yes! I think that will work! After typing this, I'm beginning to understand this concept better and "see" the finished book better. Yes! That could work!

Now I just gotta make sure I keep my interviews going.

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  • At 12:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    oops I somehow messed up my last post....

    The best how to write book I have ever read was by Brenda Ueland called "if you want to write". It was a basic Art of creative writing book. The other one I love is called Touch Magic by Jane Yolen...this was about magic in childrens books.
    I also recommend The Artists way by Julia Cameron, this is basically a writers block stopper and creativity releaser...only Stephen Kings book was about his own writing life. I loved all these books but they were all about different aspects of writing.

    Now the thing about Brenda Ueland is that her book is a classic, but honestly I had never heard of her before I picked that book up, so I know how to's dont have to be written by someone who has published many books, just someone who can convey the information in a way that is helpful, something written in a universal voice.


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