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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And they're off!

Yesterday I submitted a poetry manuscript to a publisher. Today, after SEVERAL tackles with this computer constantly rebooting itself and the Internet getting all rebellious, I was FINALLY able to send ANOTHER manuscript, this one a novel, to another publishing company. Whew! So that's some pretty good book business taken care of this week.

I thought that now, at least, I could get back to work on other books. Then I receive an email telling me I had to get my essay revisions back to an editor at a magazine pronto. Like, in 10 days.

Gah! TEN DAYS?? But I still have the flu. *whines*

Ohh. Wait a minute. I'm leaving for Southern California on the 16th.

Soo, make that 9 days.

Gah! Nine days!

At least I won't be spending those nine days checking my email every five minutes to see if one of the publishers got back to me yet. (I know, I know. They're not going to respond THAT fast!)

Still no word yet on the submission of one other novel and two children's books. That's okay. Really. I'm not rushing anyone. Got enough rushing going on over here.


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