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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Supporting Migraine Awareness Month: Guest post by Oleg Medvedkov

Funding Research for Migraine Cures through Laughter!

Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation.

On the last week of Migraine Awareness Month, I am running a fundraising event for the Migraine Research Foundation.

Dates of the event: Wednesday, June 27th to Sunday, July 1st, 2012.

The Migraine Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding migraine research in the United States. To quote Stephen Semlitz, co-founder and Chairman of the Board - "The Migraine Research Foundation hopes that everyone who suffers from migraine will eventually have an effective treatment that they can count on to allow them to live a healthy, happy and productive life." In other words - a Very Worthy Cause.

During the days of a Charity Drive, I will donate ALL the royalties from the sales of my books from "Take a Break & Have a Laugh" series of books to MRF. Once again - when you buy any "Take a Break & Have a Laugh" book between June 27th and July 1st of 2012 inclusively, all the profit I get from Amazon as a writer goes to Migraine Research Foundation.

"Take a Break & Have a Laugh" are collections of short humorous stories written by yours truly. And when I say short - I mean bite-sized. For example - you can read one story in the volume while waiting in line in a store or while having a cup of coffee. BTW, please go easy on coffee if you have migraines, OK? :)

Why funny stories and why do I write them? That's easy - because I have migraines and the rest of the baggage that comes with it. If you are a migraineur, you know what I am talking about. Written as a "Laughter Therapy", these volumes contain stories that are designed to make the reader feel better, more positive and energetic. Laughter is not exactly a cure but it sure makes life easier, especially for people like us.

Just to make sure MRF receives a donation no matter how MUCH of a great success this Charity Drive will be, I am starting the ball rolling by pledging to Migraine Research Foundation $50 upfront.

What can YOU do to help this Charity Drive?

1. Click here to see "Take a Break & Have a Laugh" books on Amazon. All the loyalties from each sale will go directly to Migraine Research Foundation.

2. If you prefer, you can donate to Migraine Research Foundation separately on their website.

3. Please help to spread the word - Tweets, Facebook Shares and Blog Posts will be greatly appreciated. MFR - @MigraineRF and facebook.com/migraineresearch, Oleg Medvedkov - @olegmedvedkov and facebook.com/OlegMedvedkov

If you are on Facebook, please join us at the FB event.

Through the duration of the event, the updates and Q&A will be posted on olegmedvedkov.wordpress.com

Any thoughts, comments or opinions - please let us know.

We are combining Laughter therapy with research for migraine cures, people! Let's make this Charity Drive a success!

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