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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Right scene, wrong time

Yesterday was a pretty productive writing day. I wrote two chapters for another nonfiction book I am doing, as well as a new chapter for the NaNo book.

Well, should I say, HALF of a new chapter.

First, some background:

My plan was to put the NaNo manuscript away for a while before attacking it with a red pen. Usually, when I finish a first draft of a book, I put it away to let it "breathe" and so that I can go back to it with fresh eyes. But, in this case, with the NaNo manuscript, I wanted to add a few things first. I was troubled over whether or not I should do that NOW or later. So I just made a note of what I wanted to add to the story then thought on that for a while. Then I remembered something I read at the Absolute Write forums. A writer asked if she should go ahead and add stuff to the manuscript she just wrote, or wait until she lets it rest for a while. The consensus among the writers responding to this post was that if you want to add something now, go for it. So, with this in mind, I went back to the manuscript, all set to add the new stuff.

But there was one problem. I realized that a scene I wanted to add to it was WRONG for the story. Sure it showed my antagonist's "evil" side, but it might send the wrong message to readers. I guess readers can interpret a scene a hundred of different ways, so I needed to make sure the scene said EXACTLY what I wanted it to say without there being a chance of confusion.

For this reason, I was only able to write half of the chapter (the one scene) and had to do some thinking for the right scene to add after it. I spent the rest of the day thinking on that, tossing around possibilities in my head.
Finally, when I stumbled into my bed at night, exhausted and ready to go to sleep, the scene finally came to me. Right when I was way too tired to write it!


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