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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Writing and not writing on 9/11

I noticed something a little unusual about my email account today: There weren't that many new emails today. And I sniled at the possibility that maybe it was because all the people I usually get emails from practically every day were taking a break in honor of what today is. Perhaps they were stepping back to take the time to reflect on 9/11/01, and to remember those who were lost on that day.

The thing that I do as far as commemorating something or honring something goes, is I write about it. I write a poem in honor of the occasion, or I write a blog post or an essay. This was not how it went for 9/11. For a long time after the attacks, I was too numb and shocked to write about it. I know of other writers who were the same way. One writer was so depressed for several months, she couldn't write a word.

But writers are writers at heart. They are writers of the soul. After some time to heal wounds or find closure, there will once again be that ability to write. To honor the memories of someone through the written word.

But I, too, took a break from the "norms" of today. I spent extra time with my children. Instead of working on my books, I wrote about 9/11. I composed a poem and have blog postings about it.

In a way, we're still "taking a break" from our usual rush of the day when we just step down for a moment to reflect and pray. And we are also being true to our desire to express how we feel as far as 9/11 is concerned.

They say that life goes on. Well, so does the writing, but in its own time.

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