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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When you've got a life that's insanely busy, it's hard to do all the writing stuff that you want to do. With me, for example, I don't just work on one thing with the writing. I'm doing several things. And as much as I try to do a handful of them every day, there are some days I can't do any of them at all. Those are my bad writing days.

But then there are the times I get around to doing the writing during the day. And that's a good writing day.

Today, however, was a VERY GOOD writing day!

Today I was able to do the following:

1. Work on the edits for one book.

2. Write up a chapter for another book.

3. Do the beta reading.

4. Write a short story. (Even though my hand hurt, I still wrote up the story.)

Yes, I was able to do ALL of those things today. And all before midnight! And now I'm squeezing in a blog post, to boot! WOO-HOO!!! (This is the third blog post I have written today. Yay!!)

It's not a typical day that I can do all of those things in one day. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to write a chapter for the new book in one day, and that's it. But today, I got VERY lucky, and the feeling is just SO AWESOME!! I feel so totally accomplished!! The children got themselves VERY distracted playing a lot today, so I was able to get more done! And the housework, too! And the errands I had to run!

Can I get a woot-woot??



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