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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poetry and taxes

The Ben Franklin saying that there are two things certain in life being "death and taxes" can be changed (with apologies to Mr. Franklin) to "poetry and taxes." Exactly how are these two things certain? Well, for one thing, it's true; poetry will never go away. But, for another thing, the reason why it can offer some importance is for the E-zine publisher trying to decide on what theme the April issue should be.

That's pretty much my case here. The April issue of my E-zine is late because I couldn't think of a theme. This usually comes easily to me, but this time, it wasn't so easy. What theme could I get away with using that I haven't JUST finished using as of recently? What's a theme I haven't touched on for a while?

As I was working on incomplete/old articles this morning, one article's title caught my eye and it hit me: Poetry. Yes, poetry. I haven't done a poetry-themed issue for some time, and what better time to run it than in April, which is National Poetry Month?

True, April ALSO means it's tax time, and while I HAVE done a tax-themed issue, I didn't have anything for another one this year. And since it would already be nearly April 15th by the time it came out, I knew it was too late to try my hand at it again, anyway.

So, the decision was obvious: Out of poetry and taxes, I had to choose poetry. Not a bad theme for a poetry-loving month -- or, really, any old month, because poetry has been around for thousands of years, and it won't be going anywhere in the near future, either.


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