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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Word count writing challenge

Last year, I took on the writing challenge to write a short story every week for the year. Now that I was able to accomplish that particular writing challenge, I have decided to take on a new one, for this year.

When I was writing the stories last year, I recalled hearing about “word wars,” in which writers were challenged to write something in so many words. There was the challenge to write something in 500 words or 1,000 words. I did write such stories last year but it looks like I’ll be doing it again!

And it also looks like I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. Yay! And THIS TIME I will finally write a novel that is 50,000 words long – because that will be the word count challenge for November (when NaNoWriMo kicks off). I wasn’t planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year because I already have a novel that is currently unfinished. But because I am also going to work on finishing certain WIPs this year – including the novel – I should have it done by then. I created a schedule of WIPs to work on each month to finish them and it should be done before November rolls around (and I know exactly what novel to write for it, too! I already have notes and stuff).

Here is my writing word count challenge for 2017. Each challenge is for one month. I tried to keep it in numerical order, but I already completed the January challenge, so there’s that. But the rest are in numerical order:

January: Write a short story in 15 words. (Title is not included in word count.)
Source: From the Depths Penny Fiction call for submissions

February: Write a sad story in only four words.
Source: Pinterest meme

March: Write a story in 50 words.
Source: Fifty

April: Write a story in 100 words.
Source: 100 Word Challenge

May: Write a story in 500 words.
Source: Word war

June: Write a story in 1,000 words.
Source: "How To write a 1000 Word short Story" post on the Prescott Papers website

(Need inspiration? Check this out: Exactly1000words.com)

July: Write a story in 5,000 words
Source: "Challenge: a 5000 word weekend - Word Count 49,388 (wp) 61,000 (pr)" post on the blog of Stuart Neville 

August: Write a story in 9,000 words.
Source: "The 9k-a-day word count novel writing challenge" post on the blog of E.S. Wesley (I turned it into 9k in a month)

September: Write a journal of 15,000 words
Source: NaJoWriMo

October: Write a story in 30,000 words
Source: "Results of the August Count Challenge" post on the blog of Sheryl R. Hayes

November: Write a novel in 50,000 words
Source: National Novel Writing Month

December: Write anything that is 75,000 words   
Source: "Daily Writing Habit: How to Write 75,000 Words in a Month [30DHC]" post on the Develop Good Habits website



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