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Monday, December 19, 2016

Celebrating the Seasons: New Poetry Book Seasonal Songs Inspired by Children's Artwork

Several years ago, my kids, Jennifer and Jesse, each created a beautiful picture representative of a season. For Jennifer, it was a tree with Fall-colored leaves. For Jesse, it was a splash of white paint on a gray surface, representing snow. Later, Jennifer also drew me a picture of a “Spring setting” and after I had all 3 of those pictures up on my wall, I thought, 'Hm, something’s missing. I know! Summer!'

Since I already had two “season pictures” from Jen, I decided I would ask Jesse to draw me a picture of something that says "summer." So he drew a picture of a boy about to go fishing at a pond during a hot summery day. I liked the way he drew the sun because it really looked like it was shining so brightly and making the day really warm.

Now I had all 4 of the seasons in pictures on my bedroom wall. And for a long time, those pictures remained there for me to see every day.

After some time, however, it would seem that those 4 pictures of the 4 seasons would start to catch the attention of my muse. I soon found myself writing poems about the seasons. The first poem I wrote was about the summer and, when winter came that year, I wrote about finding frost all over the grass in our backyard and other winter-related poems. Then I moved on to the other seasons.

Soon enough, I had enough poems for a poetry book. I had some difficulty figuring out a title for this one, but I eventually settled on the title “Seasonal Songs.” I chose this title because someone was advertising their poetry book with the title “Seasonal Songs” but when I saw the cover of their book, the title was different! I frowned and muttered, “That book is not called Seasonal Songs.” Then I started thinking about what a catchy title “Seasonal Songs” was. And I thought, ‘Hm, Seasonal Songs. I like it!’

So I selected Seasonal Songs for the title of my new poetry book.

Since I had planned to bring this poetry book out this month, I contacted my cover designer and editor to see if they were able to work on the cover and edits for this book this month – preferably before the month was out. Fortunately, they were able to fit it in and I was able to get all the formatting of the final draft done in time, too.

Now my new poetry book, Seasonal Songs, is out now and available for purchase. Yay! So far, the print version of this book is available. It will be available for the Kindle very soon.

While this poetry book is mostly written for children, I hope readers of all ages would enjoy this book.

Thank you to my kids, Jennifer and Jesse, for granting me permission to include the artwork that inspired these poems in this book. Thank you to Denise Bartlett for editing this manuscript so quickly and for doing a fabulous job on the edits. And thank you to Charlotte Holley for yet another amazing cover for this book! I am very grateful to you all.

Here is the blurb for Seasonal Songs:

The seasons of the year can bring so much happiness, joy and magic into our lives. From the snowy hills of winter to the falling leaves of autumn, the new life of spring and lazy days of summer, the seasons are times for enjoyment and gratitude. Seasonal Songs celebrates the seasons with poems that will bring back happy memories and embrace the beauty of the changing times of the year.

This book is mainly written for children but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It includes color illustrations by my children, Jennifer and Jesse Wilson.

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