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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday finishes

This was a day of finishes for me. Today I finally finished working on some things that have taken me a LONG TIME to work on. But I wrapped that all up today and I am so glad to get them done. Yay!

The first thing I finished was a bit of “email housekeeping.” I have two email accounts I stopped using a long time ago, so of course that meant there were many unanswered emails and MANY emails I just didn’t read. We’re talking a buildup in the tens of thousands! Well, it took me several months but I FINALLY got through them all. Yay! I am sad for some of the personal emails I missed out on but I am glad that I’m still connected with some of those people and everything is still good with us. I also missed out on some blog comments, but I’ll get to responding to them shortly.

The next thing I finished today was a chapter in Book Three in The GHOST Group series. I have been working on this chapter for two weeks! I was really struggling with it because it was hard for me to really “visualize” this part of the story, really get into the story and pick up on everything, but I worked on it every day for two weeks a little here and there, and today I finished it. YAY! I’m so thrilled that chapter is done, and I am quite happy with it, too. This is the fifth draft of this book, and I hope the FINAL draft! So I’m trying really hard to make it the best I can.

One other thing that I finished today was the set-up for a book I am self-publishing. It is Jennifer’s angel book and it’s taken me all week to get the files right and everything in order. It was rejected during the review process twice. Ugh! So I was working hard on that all week and FINALLY it passed review! I have ordered the proof copy of the book today just to make sure everything is in order. I sure hope so. I’d like to have this project completed, just so I can move on to the next book!

And speaking of … Jennifer and I have a new poetry book coming out soon. I am also going to self-publish this book. And today was another finish for that book, as well: The editing has been completed. Yay! (Thank you, Denise Bartlett! You are an awesome editor!) We are very excited about this poetry book and I can’t wait to share news about it when it comes out.

Got a lot of things wrapped up today and I am glad for that. I did not finish everything I have going on (still need to finish reading a novel I am reviewing for NOR, still need to finish the New Orleans chapter for the haunted cities book and, of course, I still need to finish finalizing Book Three!), but I did finish quite a few other things today. Now we’ll see what I manage to get done over the weekend.

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  • At 5:46 AM , Blogger Denise Bartlett said...

    Hi Dawn,
    I love poetry and was happy to be a small part of your latest poetry project with Jennifer.
    Take care!

  • At 9:38 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thank you, Denise. :) We are very grateful to you for your wonderful work as an editor for our book! :)


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