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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Planning ahead for 2013

In light of recent changes I made to self-imposed deadlines on manuscripts, I have had to change my queue of what manuscripts I will work on when, and when they will be submitted. As it turns out, rearranging the queue for 2012 meant that I was able to rearrange the one I have for 2013.

And, looking it over, it's not so bad.

For the year of 2012 so far, I have submitted 11 manuscripts. (I have one more to submit next month.) Of those submissions, I received two rejections, one revision request and five acceptances. The other three are still pending. I will be resubmitting the rejected pieces until I find homes for them, but they were not moved into my queue for 2013.

For 2013, I will HOPEFULLY have another good amount of submissions. I really hope that of these, the haunted cities manuscript will be one of them. I REALLY want to finish this one. Of the others, one is nearly complete (just haven't had time to work on it), one is ongoing and my deadline is more to "finish' it and not submit since my co-author will submit it, and the others are WIPs I've had going on for some time.

But if I can't submit all 12, the BIG THING I want to do is finish them and revise those which need revisions. I just want to get them into final draft.

And so, more than anything, these deadlines are mostly to FINISH the books and get them into the best shape I possibly can. If I feel it is ready to send out, then I'll send it out. But if not, then I'll work on it some more until I get there.

But basically I have a better idea of what books I'll be focusing on in 2013. The goal is to get many of them DONE and sent off (such as the haunted cities book, the health book and the deaf parenting book) but mostly to get them done. I just want them to be final drafts. I have been working on many of them when time permits and feel I can do this with those particular books. So I hope that will happen in 2013. If I'm lucky, I'll see some of them get published, too.


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