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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another update on the haunted cities book

I have made a decision: I am not going to stress out over what I can and can't include in the haunted cities book anymore. If I can include a city, I'll include it. But if I can't, then I can't. I just don't want to keep holding things up and holding things up because I am TRYING to include cities and the groups aren't interested. I know I'll probably get some backlash from people who will cry foul because this city wasn't included or that city wasn't included. But I just can't keep waiting and hoping and wondering if I'll ever hear back from people.

I have set a deadline. I am sticking with that deadline. If I hear from people in cities I WANT to include (San Antonio, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.), then, great! But if not, then they won't be in there. It will be nice if I hear from other groups on other cities, too.

This is just the way it'll have to be. It's not fair everybody else has to keep waiting and WAITING for this book. There have been enough delays. They have already waited so much longer.

And I have, too.

I will wait until June for everyone to get their stuff to me. Then I will be submitting the manuscript to my publisher later that month.

And then we can all look forward to the book FINALLY being published.

My apologies to everyone who has been so immensely patient with me about this book. I love you all. You guys rock!



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