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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Books published in 2011

For a change, I had only one book published this year. There was going to be another one -- my novel, Shadow of Samhain -- but, late in production, a rewrite request was made for the manuscript so publication of this book has been bumped to 2012.

My one book published this year is The Yellow Rose, a children's story I am so grateful to have in print. I wrote this story years ago, when my oldest was in kindergarten (she is now in 4th grade), so you can imagine what a blessing it was to me to finally have this story published, even illustrated! And that's what I consider this year to be for me: A blessing. Getting The Yellow Rose published was really special, and since it is my only book published this year, that makes it all the more special!

Now that 2011 is nearly come and gone, watch for more books in 2012! I am hopeful we will see more than one.

The Yellow Rose
Published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Available as a print and ebook


One day a gardener living on a tiny island discovers a surprise growing in his garden: A beautiful yellow rose that will never die. Every day he takes care of this perfect rose until men from a big city come to the island and convince the gardener to share the rose with the world. The men become very rich while the yellow rose becomes very weak. The greedy men want to destroy the rose since it can’t make them anymore money. Can the gardener save the special rose that he loves so much?



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