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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remaining goals for the year

Brace yourself! There is exactly 1½ months left of 2011! During the year, we all probably asked ourselves if we have accomplished the goals we set out to achieve for 2011. Perhaps some of us have managed to keep tabs on those goals here or there, but now we are at a very important juncture of the year. Now we have less than two months left to complete our goals for 2011.

Are you able to do it?

Do you even know what these remaining goals are?

That was what I was asking myself the other day. I had to pause and take stock of what remaining goals I want to accomplish for the year. And also what exactly I need to finish up before January 1st gets here. (Just as I like to greet my Mondays with NEW things to do, I like to welcome a new year with completed projects and a plate waiting to be filled with new projects.)

I took stock of what remaining ongoing projects I have on the table, as well as what projects NEED to be done before January gets here. In the end, I had eight items on my list. Some of them are manuscripts I need to finish editing, some of them are first drafts of novelettes to write, and some of them are books I have left to review.


Well, given that there are eight items and, more or less, two months left, I spread these items out over November and December. I decided what I will finish/write this month and what I will finish/write next month.

After that, my list of items looked doable. Yay!

Doing this has helped me create my weekly schedules in a more organized and prioritized fashion. If I stick to the schedule, I’ll be able to get everything done in time for the new year.

What ongoing or incomplete projects do you have left to finish up before the year is out?

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