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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Guest blogging

Sometimes, I start doing things only because they happen to fall into my lap. I became a book reviewer after a fellow author asked me to review her book for a site -- a site whose admin liked my review so much, she asked me to review other books for her. I started writing for SIGNews after someone who works there contacted me personally about my writing interests. And I took on editing manuscripts after my writer friends asked me to do this for their books.

And now it seems that I am getting into something else, too, this time for my blog. Now I will be hosting guest blog posts every Tuesday.

Why every Tuesday? Some authors I know have new books out, and they were hunting for blogs to include in their blog tours. Of course, I volunteered my blog, and two authors are now lined up to post on here.

They are both going to be featured here on a Tuesday. I noticed how they both ended up on a Tuesday and thought, "Hm. What if I made this a Tuesday thing?"

So, every Tuesday, look for a guest blog post from an author!

Or, it could be an interview with an author or an excerpt from an author's work. Either way, it is a free promo opp for authors to spread the word about their books!

Thing of it is, I don't have anyone for THIS coming Tuesday, October 4th. But I have been responding to emails from authors telling them this day is open. Hopefully, I can find someone. Stay tuned!

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