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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Check out more writing tips from 365 TIPS FOR WRITERS! Also, a Thank You!

If you have been following the book excerpt series for my book, 365 TIPS FOR WRITERS, on my MySpace blog, I've got great news! Now you can get even MORE tips from this book -- ABSOLUTELY FREE!

My publisher, Beth Erickson over at Filbert Publishing, runs an awesome newsletter called Writing Etc. In the last issue, she ran an excerpt of writing tips from my book! And now, she's published even more tips. Woot-woot!

Check it out for some writerly advice you can use or quibble over with your writing group. No matter how you use the tips, the important thing is that it kickstarts your muse and gets you writing!

Here is the excerpt:


Please feel free to share your comments on these tips. I'd love to know what you think!

Thank you to Beth Erickson and the folks at Filbert Publishing for spreading the word about this book's NEW release as an E-book!

Also, I would like to thank Penny Ehrenkranz for posting this on her blog at:

7 More Tips from Dawn Colclasure

Thanks so much, Penny! You are a wonderful person for sharing tips from my second a second time.

Enjoy, and happy writing!

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  • At 7:49 PM , Blogger Joleene Naylor said...

    Just checked them out! More great advice :) I use the FILL THIS IN! in red all the time, LOL!!

  • At 4:08 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thanks, Joleene. LOL I think lots of writers have their own methods of backtracking when they can't get something right. If I'm working on my computer, I make the text large and in bold and I write something like "double check this" or "find info on this." Whatever works!


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