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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winners of the first EduBook.com Writing Contest

The winners for the EduBook.com Writing Contest were announced this week. Yay! I did not make the announcement right away because I have been INSANELY BUSY getting the RGT book ready to send in to my publisher. This is it, folks! The month the book is DUE!! No more philosophizing about it, experimenting with changes to it or thinking "I'm writing a ghost book" and not working my ass off on it EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.

Well, I DID work on it mostly every day....and things took a looooong time to come full circle. But I worked on it for all this time I had to get it ready (1 year). Now that the deadline is upon us, I am making sure everything is as it should be and all that. And getting any extra stories I can for it. And, um....putting together new stuff for it. It's definitely not the same book I started out writing.

....Hm, what was this blog post about?? Oh! Yeah! The writing contest. I've got book on the brain.

I think I mentioned I was entering the contest. Or that I might enter it. The thing that I had concerns about was that the article I sent in would be one I was willing to sacrifice all rights to. I had some concerns about that. And a writer friend of mine also had concerns. Heck, the folks at AW had concerns! Well, my friend and I talked about this. We both agreed that the prize money was good, so we both decided to enter.

Well, my friend didn't win. I didn't win, either. Boo-hoo! Too bad, so sad. Moving on.

Here is the article I entered:

How to Entertain on a Budget

The lucky writer who won the grand prize of $500 is Tamara L. Waters, who wrote "How to Find Friendship and Support as a Writer"

Wow, if there's anything we writers need, it's friendship and support! Congrats, Tamara! Don't spend it all in one place.

Next up is the Second Place winner, who won $300. That honor goes to R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen (what a name!), who authored "Criminal Minds: A Look Into the Mind of Infamous Serial Killers"

Now, see. It really DOES pay to have an interest in that morbid and disturbing stuff! Don't listen to your parents the next time they tell you to stop reading those evil comic books! Congrats, R. Elizabeth!

The Third Place winner received $200. There was a tie. Gasp! Oh, the scandal!

Third place winners were Dougla Mefford, who wrote "A Scientific Theory for the Prophesized 2012 Disaster," and Karen Zara, author of the article "10 Psychology Myths and Misconceptions."

Congrats, congrats!

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  • At 2:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do just fine with your deadline.

  • At 9:52 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thank you so much. :) I'm excited and stressed out at the same time. LOL


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