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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Today was a series of ups and downs. It can be classified as Good, Bad, and Ugly.

The Good: I FINALLY finished editing one of my novel manuscripts today. Woo-hoo! It took me 7 whole days to edit all 218 pages. I tried to get it done in 5 days, but by Friday, when I had EVERY INTENTION of staying up all night working on it, I kept drifting off to sleep in my chair and losing my place. I also knew I could not possibly edit if I was too mentally exhausted. It would not be as good of a job. And, besides, I still had to edit extra material for the book. Stuff I wanted to add. So I put it off for the next day. Saturday passed with very little editing getting done, mainly because it was my daughter's birthday and I wanted to spend time with her. By today, I was feeling nervous about being able to finish the job. But I was DETERMINED to do it! I even stayed in my pajamas until I got it done -- and I did! Yay! What a HUGE relief to be done with that. Now, tomorrow, I start the edits on another one. Woo yeah!

The Bad: Found out today that I didn't win the "dialogue only" contest. Aw, nuts! Well, I gave it a shot. But now I'm confused as to what to do with my story. Should I revise it to make it a regular story? Or leave it as a dialogue story? Hm, decisions, decisions. I asked one of my sisters if she will read the story and she said to send it. I am hoping she can give me feedback on what I should do with it. Maybe leave it to collect dust on my hard drive.

The Ugly: I came across a blog-mag (if that is even the right term!) that is now open to submissions of poetry. I read the poems on there and got an idea of what kinds of poems they want. I decided to go for it and submit some poems. But that reading also had me coming up with new poems to write. One of the poems was...okay. And the other one was not so okay. The words were just wrong. When I finished writing it, I knew it wasn't "right." The words I used were not the right words to convey what I was trying to say. I left it alone for a while and when I came back to it later, I did change some words. Still, it was not right. It wasn't ready. I will see if giving it extra time to "breathe" will help me to revise it better or maybe getting some feedback. Whichever comes first. Only when the words are right will I submit it.

Tonight, my daughter and I went outside to stare up at the Harvest Moon. It was beautiful. We've been doing that ever since she was a baby, going outside and staring up at the moon. That's our way of sharing something magical.

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