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Monday, October 12, 2009

Excitement and gratitude

When you write nonfiction, chances are good you'll come across something that you get excited over sharing.

With writing articles, sometimes I'll come across an organization doing something really good for certain people, or all people. Or I'll find out about a person making a difference in their community, or medical/health news that people really SHOULD know about. And I'll feel a strong sense of gratitude that I'll be able to spread the word about this thanks to my article that will include this.

With books, the same thing applies. I'll come across something really wonderful and feel grateful that I can share it, thanks to my book.

But there is another aspect when it comes to writing nonfiction books. Another kind of gratitude.

The kind of gratitude in which I am thankful I can have this chance to write this book, so that I can share things with readers that might not have otherwise seen print.

For example, in the RGT book, I write about people and places that do not get as much attention or exposure as they should. And with certain questions I ask, certain angles I take, there are new stories, new information and new ideas shared.

I get really excited over the prospect of being able to share this in my book. I know my publisher will enjoy reading of these adventures, as well. So I am excited, grateful and happy that I have been able to find these people, find these stories, and know about these particular things. But most of all, I am grateful that I'll be able to pass all of them on to readers when my book containing all of this will be published.

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