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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Read an E-Book Week: Finding the time to read -- an E-Book!

I had some time to kill last night, before going to bed. How did I spend it? I popped open an E-book I am currently reading until I was tired enough to fall asleep.

Reading right before going to sleep has always been a time-honored tradition in many homes. For some, reading before sleeping helps them to calm down or slow the thought processes of a busy mind. It also alleviates stress faced from the day.

But reading right before going to sleep is also just one opportunity of time to do any reading at all. You can also make time to read by including it in your early morning routine, while waiting for something or someone, and as you work away at something on the computer and need a short mental "break" from the task at hand.

A big argument against E-books from those who do not read them is that they just don't have the time. The thought of sitting at a computer for a long time, just reading an electronic book? Forget it. (Apparently, some think it's perfectly okay to spend hours at the computer chatting or playing games. How is reading an E-book a worse alternative?)

I see reading E-books to be just the same as reading a print book. If you can make time to read a print book, you can make the time to read an E-book. Take what time you have free to read and try reading an E-book instead. You're still reading a book, even if it's not one that you're holding in your hands.

Today's free E-book download: Private Lies by Amy Eastlake
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