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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On a mission

Believe or not, I was novel-less for a while there. After I FINISHED the editing/revisions of a novel manuscript, I was suddenly left with NO NOVEL in the works.

Meanwhile, I'm working on TWO nonfiction books! Writing one and editing the other.

But, still! I wanted a novel in there somewhere. I guess some kind of fictional world I could escape to.

So I set about trying to pick a new novel to write. I AM writing two novels this year, so I thought maybe I should just pick one of the two I have planned. I couldn't pick EITHER of them, though. They just didn't come in clear enough. The characters were too unknown to me. I couldn't get the story to fall into place. AND I wasn't picking up on any dialogue, either. Nothing. It was all dead!

Even when I DID finally pick one, nothing came to life. I struggled to get my MC into action. To get her to connect with me somehow. But NOTHING! HAPPENED!

So I figured, 'OK, I'll just give it some time.' And meanwhile went to work on my NF books.

Then, one morning, I LITERALLY woke up with a BRAND NEW story to write in mind!! Well, not THAT brand new. Actually, I've had an idea for a YA series for a looong time, but I never started it because there was a missing piece I just couldn't figure out. Until recently. The other day, I FINALLY realized what would make those stories work. Then, not soon after, I woke up with the characters ALIVE AND WELL in my head, feeding me their stories! Yay!!

So I guess NOW I'll have a novel to write. Actually, 12 novels. And ALL of them for the YA market.

BUUUT...in order to make this work, in order to get these books published, I am going to HAVE to get an agent. I HAVE to do it! I just can't put it off any longer. I HAVE TO DO IT!

I need to get an agent. There is absolutely NO OTHER WAY these books will get published and promoted.

I have been able to avoid needing an agent up until now. I didn't want to get one because I just CAN'T write in one genre. I CAN'T! I write suspense, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, chick-lit and mainstream. I'm a multi-genre novelist! And can you imagine how hard it is to find an agent who represents a writer who writes ALL THAT?? It is NOT easy!

But I figure...since I have no choice NOW...since I HAVE to get an agent now...I will try to find one who represents as many of those genres as possible. And just write in those genres for now.

Wish me luck!



  • At 1:49 PM , Blogger Amy Hanek said...

    With my NF book in the works (and a deadline for it - yikes!) I have had to table my creative ideas for later. Index cards have held my ideas pretty well intact for the last few months. I keep them in my "idea box" for later use.

  • At 9:49 PM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Thanks for your comment!! Idea boxes are just AWESOME and much more organized and portable than file folders and scraps of paper. Good luck with your book! I know what those deadline pressures are like.


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