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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The secret to writing a book

Aspiring authors, take note! Want in on the NUMBER ONE secret that will help you get started on writing that book you've always dreamed of writing?? Want to know the key to creating the first draft of your very first manuscript? Ready for the one true thing that'll get you out of your writing rut and working on that book you've only been THINKING about writing??

Now that secret can be yours. Right here, in this blog. And absolutely, 100% free. And it's so simple, it can be summed up in just two short words!

Ready? Here it is: "Write it."

Don't think about writing a book. WRITE IT!

Don't let fear hold you back from writing a book. WRITE IT!

Don't dream about writing a book. Start writing it TODAY!!

Sometimes a job looks harder than it really is. Writing a book is no day in the park, but it won't get written until you actually sit down and start writing it!

Is it fear holding you back from writing the first draft of your book? Learn how to cope with your fears, overcome them, and START WRITING YOUR BOOK!

There is no easy way to write a book. Unless you've got the money, celebrity status or resources, nobody else will write this book for you. Only YOU can actually sit down and write your book!

The first draft is all I am talking about here. The first draft is your "story" in its most raw, unedited and incomplete form. Your job here is to get your "story" onto paper. You can do anything you want with it! Just WRITE IT!

Books don't write themselves. Authors write them. But a book will never see the light of day unless the aspiring author stops thinking, stops planning, stops trembling, and starts creating when he/she finally conquers fear and writer's block to sit down and write that book they've always DREAMED of writing, right now!


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