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Saturday, March 10, 2007

One for the road

I promised myself NO MORE BOOKS for now. I've got waaaaay too many book projects going on right now. I'm not taking on any new work.

That was my mindset until last night. When I got an idea for a new one!

This book, however, is not one of those "write it NOW, publish it NOW" books. Actually, it's a book best left getting published several years down the road. It's nonfiction, yes, but a collection of essays, which I've come to feel is a kind of book that should never be rushed. Essays are, in essence, an observance, and this book would do well to allow for plenty of time for plenty of observation to go down.

So, at least I can relax and write this one at leisure, maybe during the times I'm stuck on another book or just as the muse strikes me.

Wow, I guess I really have turned into this one fictional writer who, upon getting stuck on one book in progress, sits down to work on another.


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