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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The things we forget in November

Today I did something quite uncommon for me: I bought a birthday gift early this year. Yes! EARLY! Not late, as I am KNOWN to do in my family. My mother's birthday is in 17 days, and I decided to get her a birthday gift early this year. (Last year I think it did arrive late, but I KNOW I mailed it BEFORE her birthday! Blame the P.O.!)

And even as I remembered to get my mother her birthday gift this year...EARLY!!!...there are some other things I'm forgetting this month.

For example, I know this other writer online. We chat often. She told me she had this idea for a short story to write, and after sharing it with me, I replied that I also had just such a story idea stashed away in my brain. We talked about our similar ideas before a deal was struck: The two of us would come up with a BRIEF outline of our stories, then write it up and share. I took on the challenge (of course!) and life went on.

Then she recently asked me if I had the outline finished.

Ahh...no. Actually, I had forgotten all about it since the start of NaNoWriMo. I've been practically LIVING in my character's world. (This is why I am not taking on SIGNews assignments this month. And also why I've forgotten about TWO interviews I was supposed to do last week! Sigh.)

My friend understood, of course, but the fact that the challenge remained only served as a reminder that not only had I forgotten about our deal, but I had also forgotten OTHER things since starting my book.

Like paying my bills. Responding to emails. And arranging for rides to appointments.

Oh, well. Only 26 more days to go. At least I'm not forgetting about updating the blog. Or working on the book.

Huh? What book? Oh...yeah!


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