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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cover Reveal: Faded Reflection

Here is the cover for my forthcoming novel, Faded Reflection. It is a romantic suspense story and it will be published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Thanks to the people who provided feedback and helped me to decide on a cover! And thank you to Charlotte Holley of GSP for her amazing work in creating this awesome cover!

Here is the blurb for my novel:

Laura Williams takes a chance on Carl Gunderson, and it’s the most fatal mistake of her life. Carl is convinced Laura is the wife that he murdered – or thought he murdered. Apparently, he hadn’t left her for dead after all. Now she’s back in his life – and this time, he will make sure he finishes her off for good.


Faded Reflection is COMING SOON from Gypsy Shadow Publishing!

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