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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please leave a message after the beep

So I put together a writing "to do" list for this week on Monday and I've been keeping up on it so far. I feel guilty I'm only doing ONE task each day this week (instead of 2 or 3, like before!) but that's actually a GOOD THING because my tasks this week involve putting together, rewriting and revising material (books, articles and chapters). I work on them early in the day and spend the rest of the day mulling over the work. That's been a good thing so far because I get more thorough research done.

Yesterday is a perfect example: I did research on my book and I'm glad I had the extra time for that because I learned that a ritual NOT in the story SHOULD be in the story. (It's a Native American story.) I also went back to it later to make some changes. AND I finally figured out who to dedicate this story to! LOL I picked this person because something I once gave to him ended up being in the story -- with good reason! How cool is that?? :) So, that's cool. But NOW I'm thinking...maybe I should break this story into mini-chapters? I COULD see how the chapters would come about. It's kind of long (just a bit over 5,000 words), so I think if it was broken into mini-chapters, it would be better. Well, I'll bang THAT idea around and hopefully figure it out!

Meanwhile, I'm falling behind on answering non-writing-related email and making the phone calls I gotta make. And not really chatting online so much. Oh, yeah. My laundry is definitely piling up again. LOL But after I get out of this "revision zone" I am in this week, everything will once again be normal. And tidy!

So please forgive me if I take too long to reply to messages and emails....as well as comments on this blog. But THANK YOU for your patience and wonderful comments! You guys rock!

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