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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Managing the Money Chaos: Fabulously Frugal helps readers reach financial stability

Nearly 3 years ago, I finally achieved a long-term writing goal: I was ghostwriting books. Through a job ad in a writing newsletter, I applied to write books and was accepted for the job. Eventually, the assignments came in and I was happily writing short books on various topics over the course of a week. The way the process worked was, as part of a team of writers, I had to select from a list of titles to write books for. With one particular list, I selected my title, let my client know, then started writing. However, he eventually got in touch with me that another member of the team had already selected that title – and was given the job. Since I had already started writing the book, I didn’t want to just toss it away. So I asked my client if it was all right if I kept this particular book for my own use provided that I changed the title. He said that was fine.

And that is how my new ebook, Fabulously Frugal: How toManage Your Money, Live for Less and Build Up Your Savings, was born. At first, I worried this book would not be so well received since I don’t have a platform as a “financial expert” or “living frugally.” So I reached out to a couple of fellow writers who I felt were and asked them if they were interested in co-writing the book with me. Both of them said yes. Both of them later ditched me.

So I decided I would just strike out on my own and do this book myself. Platform or no platform!

Thankfully, though, this is not a subject unknown to me. I know all about being frugal, trying to cut corners, be a bargain hunter and score out the best deals because I have certainly lived this way for a long time! When I was living on my own, I had to wise up real fast about managing my finances and creating a budget to survive on each month. I mean, there were days I would look for change under couch cushions just to buy food. Plus, there was the time I struggled to make ends meet, and feed my child, when I was on my own again. I have done the coupon thing, the free stuff thing, the sweepstakes thing and the websites offering deals in exchange for surveys filled out or clicks on links or videos watched. I have even donated plasma just to get money to buy food with. And because money for things was so scarce, I had to be smart with how I used it. In essence, I had to learn how to be frugal.

So, yes, I certainly know all about frugal living! I may not have a platform for it, but I have lived it! And I felt, you know, that had to be enough to qualify as the author of this book. I tried to get an expert, tried to get someone with her own readership, but it did not work out. So I decided to just strike out on my own with this book. (Apparently, “lone wolf” is a theme for my life!)

Fabulously Frugal is pretty much what I have learned about managing money, following a budget, shopping smarter and where to find good deals. It’s the kind of book that pretty much guides anyone who struggles with money along a path to reaching financial stability and enjoying life without sacrificing things we enjoy.

I am grateful to Denise Bartlett of Gypsy Shadow Publishing for accepting my book for publication and thank you also to Charlotte Holley for an awesome cover. Thank you also to Brandy Collier, Jenn Greenleaf, Mary Potter Kenyon, Martine, Renee, Bill, Carol, David, Glen, Holly, Harrine, Pete, Marilynn, Christian and Janice for all of your contributions to this book. I know they have made the book even better!

Here is the buy link for Fabulously Frugal.

And here is the blurb:

Want to repair bad credit? Start saving money? Find out how to live frugally without making sacrifices? This eBook will give you the strategies to make it all happen. Fabulously Frugal will help you solve your money problems and get you started on building up your savings!
Learn strategies for saving money for emergencies, how to spend less on home repairs or at the doctor’s office, be a savvy shopper who knows how to find the best deals, and afford everyday costs like transportation, school expenses and utilities. Additionally, money-saving experts share secrets in this book on how to get the best deals!

Money-saving strategies included in this book:

• How to travel on a budget
• Enjoy your passions without breaking the bank
• Celebrate holidays or special occasions for less

Fabulously Frugal will help you tackle your financial issues and share how to enjoy more in life for less!

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