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Friday, February 03, 2017

The year of finishing books AND revising books

I had plans for this year. Big plans. The first plan was to try out something new and write a book about this journey. Fortunately, that plan is moving along smoothly. My other plan was to do a word-count writing challenge for every month of this year. That, too, is coming along well – so far!

But my third plan – which was to finish a bunch of books that were unfinished – has run into a setback. Namely, that certain books that I THOUGHT were unfinished were not unfinished at all! Just unwritten.

I wanted to share about what books I am planning to finish writing this year here on this blog, but I was not 100#% sure if that list was final. I DID finish the January book – GHOST Group 5 (which went through 3 drafts!) – but I didn’t have the notebook for GHOST Group 6. So I had to hunt for that notebook!

Fortunately, I found it and the other one today. Yay! But, unfortunately, I discovered that GHOST Group 6 had NOT been written! All this time, I thought I had a rough draft, like with the others, but I don’t. I also don’t have GHOST Group 8. Numbers 7 and 9 are, however, written or sort of written, but 6 and 8 are not. Alas! I really had thought they were all done.

So, GHOST Group 6 and 8 were booted from the list of books to finish this year. Instead, I will write them. I will, however, revise #5 and #6, because 5 and 6 get sent off this year, and 7 and 8 get sent off next year. I want them to be ready.

So it would seem I have 2 lists to follow for the books. One is a list of books to finish and one is a list of books to revise this year.

Here’s my list of books to finish:

Finish GG5

Finish writing new stuff for WIP It 1.

Finish YA novel

Finish Poems for the Grieving Heart

Finish dreams poetry book (Title??)

Finish YA fantasy novel, book 1

Finish the praying book

Finish End Game

Finish TLBTH

Finish the 365 spin-off book

Finish deaf poetry book

Finish FWTW

Here’s the list of books to revise:

GHOST Group 5: March
GHOST Group 6: April
Vampire novel: May-July
Finish revising haunted houses book by: August

So, that’s my plan. Finish revising books AND finish writing them! I hope I can get it all done so that I can start 2018 with new books. I will also be revising more GHOST Group books next year.

I am really glad I found my notebooks and happy to be working on the GHOST Group books again. I look forward to finishing this series and wrapping up a lot of books that I have been working on for too long.

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