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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

For someone she loves: Suzan Weiner's new poetry book shares the love for her late husband

Several years ago, my friend and fellow writer Suzan Wiener, had a poetry book out called The Many Facets of Love. Unfortunately, the original publisher of her book shut down and her book was out of print. It came back out in 2014, when it was republished. Now Susie is back with a second poetry book, The Passion of Love. Suzan took the time to be interviewed for this blog and talk about her love and her love for poetry.

Welcome, Suzan!

You are the author of the poetry book, The Many Facets of Love. What made you decide to do another poetry book?

It just seemed a natural thing to write another poetry book. It brings me joy to do it and hope others enjoy it too.

Was it difficult to come up with a title for your second book?
Not really, it came to me quickly.

What can you tell us about the poems in The Passion of Love?

The poems are all written from my love for my wonderful husband, Howie. He always showed how much he loved me and the poems reflect that love.

In what way can poetry be a good way to share love with a special someone? How does your book do this?

It brings people closer together. Howie wrote poems too and we read them to each other. We felt closer than ever when we did that.

This book is dedicated to your late husband, Howie, who passed away over a year ago. Was it hard to get this book published?

Not at all. Dawn Colclasure Wilson published my first book and my second book. I am very blessed to have her do that for me and she is my wonderful friend.

How do you feel now that this book is out?

I feel very happy about it. it's such a pleasure to hold it in my hands and know my poems will be there forever.

Do you think maybe you will write another poetry book in the future?

I hope I will. It may be a family book of poems.

About Suzan:

Suzan L. Wiener is an award-winning international author with many published works in publications such as Mature Years, Mature Living, Complete Woman, Impetus, Reader's Digest, etc. She enjoys writing and selling greetings for card companies such as Gallant, Graphique de France, Chuckleberry's, and won contests at Hallmark. She is the author of the poetry book The Many Facets of Love. She has been a published writer/author for over twenty years.

The Passion of Love is available as a print and for the Kindle at Amazon.

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