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Friday, December 06, 2013

Terror In The Night – a new book with shocking true stories and surprising information about aliens and the UFO phenomenon

One of the things that I love about being a writer is that I have the chance to learn something new. It is through research, writing and interviewing experts that I learn about new people, places and things. I get to ask questions, let my imagination take off by asking “what if?” and explore things in our lives and in our world. That last part is true with the nonfiction books that I write.

There are so many mysteries in this world that I am very curious about. I have always been a curious sort of person, always asking questions and wanting to know things, and there’s quite a bit of things that I want to know about. I mean, why do things happen? Are things I’m reading about true? Where do things happen? What is true and what is not? What is a person like? Who is this particular person? When did a certain thing happen? What are the details? How do things work? How did something happen?

It’s no accident I used to work in journalism. I asked questions all the time when I was writing those articles for SIGNews. And I asked questions when I pitched article ideas to magazines when I was working as a freelance writer.

These days, I’m still asking questions, but mainly for the books that I am writing. And when I was asked to join the writing team for the new book, Terror In The Night, I asked a whole lot more questions for the chapters I helped write for this book, which was also written by Martha Jette and Usko Ahonen.

Before I decide whether or not I should write a book, I ask myself if I’m interested in the book’s subject. Given that I’ll be spending months, maybe even years, working on getting this book written up, it really DOES need to be a subject I am interested in! The same goes for books I agree to collaborate on. There’s gotta be something there pulling me to this decision.

With Terror In The Night, that something was my curiosity about life in outer space. My interests in outer space have mostly focused on astronomy – the stars, planets, comets, etc. – but I have always wondered, are we alone in the universe? Is there really intelligent life out beyond the cosmos? And if so, what are they like? Are they interacting with humans? What do people know about them?

Collaborating on Terror In The Night helped me get answers to these questions. It would seem that, given the stories told by UFO abductees in this book, we are obviously NOT alone! And there is quite a bit going on with alien life than we are prepared to comprehend, let alone accept.

I must admit, I was really blown away by some of the things I learned about while working on Terror In The Night. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience and I’m so glad that such a book is now out there so that others can learn about these things, too. As the TV show The X-Files was famous for claiming, “The truth is out there.”

You’ll find it in the new book, Terror In The Night.

Terror In The Night I – Alien Abduction Exposed!
By Martha Jette, Dawn Colclasure and Usko Ahonen
Published by Martha Jette, 2013
357 ppg.

Have you been abducted? After reading this book you will know for sure. Along with an extensive list of indicators, learn just who these aliens really are and what they want from us. You will be quite surprised! Read terrifying true-life accounts from folks in a variety of walks in life who in many cases are still being abducted. You will also learn what services are available to help you cope with this frightening and unwanted covert activity in your life.

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