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Thursday, August 01, 2013

It's still summer

No matter what kind of weather we’ve been having lately, I want to believe it is still summer. My daughter has been enjoying lazy days this summer, which has included staying up late (followed by mornings where she got to sleep in), movie marathons on nights she’d ordinarily be sleeping because of school, a sleepover during the week, bike rides and swimming with friends. My son has been going to summer school twice a week as well as having playdates and staying up late. In other words, the kids have been having a great time embracing summer to the fullest. Soon the fun will come to an end. Not too long ago, I told my daughter, “Pretty soon, we are going to have to go back on the school schedule.”

But maybe I shouldn’t have said that, because quite often this week, I have been standing at the back door, looking up at the cloudy sky, feeling the chill in the air, and asking myself, Where did summer go?

But according to the calendar, it is STILL summer!

I have to keep telling myself this even today. I had hoped to finish up a couple of WIPs during July. Alas, I did not finish them. Revisions on Book Four of The GHOST Group series has taken quite a turn. I have pretty much given up on creating an outline for this story, because my characters have taken over! They have decided that THEY will write the story. As long as I stick to my character outline, it should be okay. Just have to make sure the story does not veer too far off course. I am on the second draft of this book but I can already tell there will be a third. So it looks like I will be working on revising this book during the month of August, as well.

Another book I hoped to finish was the haunted cities book. Unfortunately, I ran into a snag with one of the chapters. My publisher gave me some good info, so I’m going to get back to work on completing that chapter. I also need to complete two other chapters, and then it will be done. So this book is also another WIP I am carrying with me into August.

Before the summer, I made a list of which WIPs I wanted to finish. These two books were on that list. And it’s still summer, so I am still going to be working on completing them. I hope that by the time the new school year starts (which will be a new year for me, as far as the books go), they will be done.

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